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New Global TZM Focus

Hey everyone,

I first just wanna say, it was great meeting all of you who came out this past ZDay event! :) I look forward to seeing and working with you all again in the future. 

I just finished listening to this week's TZM Global Radio Address (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/zmglobal/2012/04/04/tzm-global-radio-show-april-4th-12-host-peter-cliff)

I really enjoyed this one and found it very informative. It addressed an important issues that my previous chapter and I struggled with as we were first starting to get our chapte off the ground in NC. And it details a clear, easy, and world-wide project to work towards in the months ahead, which I feel is something that was desperately needed. Here's a link to TZM's new global project: http://oneplanetproject.net/ 

I'd love to help out with this effort and I'm sure we could get something going here in our area. Let me know what you all think...

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This sounds very effective.  We should participate in this.  We could canvas the strip downtown Palm Springs and El Paseo in Palm Desert.  Maybe even go to the street fair.  

Yea, those would be great locations. I think we would have a lot of success with that

It was great to have met you and your loved ones at the Z-Day event. I'm loving that website. A much more clearer picture of what we can do. Plus there is a "Sources" Section. I can get to printing and copying if no one else has already.

By the way, let us all migrate to the new chapter page http://zmcachapters.org/chapters-main/groups/viewgroup/2-palm-springs

May be a good idea to repost the One Planet Project there as well. I gladly do it if you can't get to it in the near future.



Arnold that would be a good idea to post it the one planet project on the new web platform.  Thanks!  We should get together soon to collect some emails and start participating in this global project.  I think Thurs night street fair would be a great opportunity.  What does everyone think?


Unfortunately my PC has been broke for the last week and Im still waiting for my replacement to come in the mail. So I've had to resort to using my work computer when I get time. But, I think the Thursday night street fair would be perfect! I would really love to get involved and help with this project. I also reposted this topic to the other website. I've also noticed that I haven't received any email notices whenever anyone posts new things to the new site. Does anyone know if the new site has that feature? Anyway, we should try to meet-up to plan and work out the details for OPP.

Yes when would be a good time to meet to make plans?  I know Arnold works evenings but maybe we could meet in the evening a day he is off.  I am working 7 days a week right now but I could meet up in the evening during the week for a while.

Well, I finally got my new laptop, yay ;) But, unfortunately I'll be working til around 5 all month, so I wouldn't be able to meetup untill after that in the evening. I could meet as soon as I get off though, like around 530 or 6, if that works with everyone else...

Is Tuesday 7:00pm ok at the river in front of starbucks or at koffee in Palm 

Unfortunately I will be out of town this coming week.

How about the following Tuesday same time

That time next week should work for me

I have to attend my sister's graduation that night. I am, however, off on Thursday.

Thursday at 7:00 at the river would be great!

that will work for me

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