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  • Dr. Steven Greer, The Disclosure Movement...

    Posted by Curtis / on 05/23/2012 / 1 Comment


    Not sure what any of your feelings/beliefs are about the subject of UFO's and alien visitations, but no matter how skeptical/cynical or whatever you are, one fact that cannot be denied is the shear unbelievable volumn of Sightings by credible witness all throughout human history...  


    Dr Steven Greer is the founder of the Disclosure Movement which is dedicated to bringing the light of public scrutiny to the evidence and subject of the UFO phenomena and Extra Terrestrial visitations, and their energy and propulsion technologies.  Dr. Greer is convinced through the research he has conducted, and the eye-witness testimonys ..

  • Z-Day 2012!

    Posted by Curtis / on 03/12/2012 / 0 Comments

    Hey guys, i just wanted to post a pic from Zday, which was held on Sunday  3/11/12.   I dont have time to post all the pictures, but i did have time for at least one.   Enjoy



  • Our new Logo design... (work in progress)

    Posted by Curtis / on 02/24/2012 / 5 Comments


    TZM-logo-1.jpgHi guys, just wanted to show what I've made so far... still have a lot more i intend to do, but let me know what you think so far.  I was striving for a lot of symbolism with this piece...  The hands to me, represent humanity as a steward to the earth, in order to bring the planet back into balance (thus the yin and yang symbol faintly present).  I of course can add whatever banner text or info next to or under the logo, and i can also make this logo have a transparent background so as to show ..

  • My Hopes For The Zeitgeist Movement

    Posted by Camille / on 09/15/2011 / 2 Comments



    Improbable as a world with no money may seem... it is possible, and that is what I try to focus on.  As a mother what else do I got?  My mom gave us religion as a hope and I am pretty sure many people hold on to religion because they feel the desperate situation we are in has no human solution so they look to God to either fix the problems here on earth or think after death then their spirit will live on in a perfect heavenly realm.  I try to teach my son that we as human ..

  • Attend the Media Festival and support our work towards change.

    Posted by Holland / on 08/25/2011 / 1 Comment


    I was recently reading some material from Howard Zinn and came across these encouraging words which I wanted to share. Sometimes when talking about a resource based economy, people love the idea but say that it will never happen. Yet, if you look at history, so many wonderful changes took place because people were willing to continue working towards the cause, even if only in small actions. Every little thing we do towards our goal makes a difference. It's like the witch who peed in the ocean saying "Every little bit counts!"

    "I would encourage people to look around them in ..

  • Rebellious Literature?

    Posted by Camille / on 05/13/2011 / 2 Comments

    Great minds like Allen Ginsberg and Walt Whitman knew the insanity of having "a whole economy based in some version of money making."  They knew materialism is fake, cruel and probably inhibits our evolution as a species in some way because it limits our minds to such shallow capacities.  The beat poets of the 50s and other great writers throughout  history have been able to identify materialism for what it is and have been brave enough to write about it.  Yet the mainstream media of the time calls this destructive and rebellious.  Here is what Allen Ginsberg said about it in ..

  • "Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

    Posted by Holland / on 04/28/2011 / 3 Comments


    When I watched the video trailer of this lecture by Prof. Sam Richards at Penn State University, I started to think further about Gandhi's quote "Be the change you want to see in the world." I think it's safe to say that the change we are all envisioning is one of peace, so obviously, we must be that peace. (The video also makes it clear why we must do away with borders and make all of the earth's rescources the inheritance of all humankind.)

    What impressed me about Prof. Richards is that he showed the great importance of truly ..

  • ZM BOINC 25,000 needed!

    Posted by Camille / on 04/13/2011 / 0 Comments

    BOINC, The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, is a volunteer grid computing system that uses your computer to solve problems.

    Please download BOINC and join the Zeitgiest Movement team.  This will help get some serious media recognition and get noticed by the scientific research community.  Its also a great way to show people the collaborative power of the movement!

    This is an opportunity to speed up research in Quantum Computing, which will revolutionize computer science!   

    Please see the link below to learn more about it.

    Thanks for your help,



  • Welcome to TZM Palm Springs

    Posted by Jason / on 04/01/2011 / 1 Comment

    Welcome to the online home for TZM Palm Springs.  These sites are designed to help people connect socially, face-to-face in their local areas and collaborate on how to engage the public in awareness activism of what TZM advocates and the solutions proposed by the Venus Project.  There's a wealth of educational resources within the Chapter network, starting with the main sites denoted on our homepage.

    There are online meetings twice/month for chapter coordinators, but all are welcome to attend.  It's exciting to see chapters spring up all over California.  And thank you to Camille and to all volunteering to create awareness ..


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